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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Signing in Bellingham

There will be a book signing - 

Saturday August 23

3094 Northwest Ave – across from Yaeger's
10:30 to 2 PM

Purchase an autographed copy of “Are We Walking To Alaska?” - the true story of me and my family moving to Alaska from California in 1952.  

The book has stories of bears, fires, boats, discoveries and adventures of me and my two brothers as we explored our new home. Our family hauled water and ice for washing, cooking and drinking. We shared the hard work of a commercial fishing boat and enjoyed the animals and natural surroundings, including a squirrel who visited through a trap door and kittens that could swim.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Grandmother and Granddaughter

I love it when I meet wonderful people that read my book.  I met Susan a few years ago at a great indoor/outdoor yard sale that they have each summer, one weekend a month.  We enjoy the fun of the yard sale and getting to know Susan and her husband better each time we visit.  She bought my book, Are We Walking To Alaska? and shared it with her granddaughter Madisun, who was featured on this blog last year.

Since that time Madisun has moved to Washington with her mother and lives next door to her grandparents - so this was a perfect chance to get  a photo of both of them with my book.

Susan and Madisun - thank you for reading my book.

If you'd like your own copy - kindle or print - click on the header.  Thanks to all those who have read and will read my book.  I love to get to know my readers - so please leave a comment so I know you've been here.  And photos are always welcome, you too could be featured on my blog.

Happy Reading!!

If you want to visit Susan's giant yard sale with fantastic prices - it is just past milepost 76 on Hiway 20, heading towards Concrete, WA.  There are big yellow signs out on the weekends that they are open - enjoy.

And be sure to click the header for your own copy to enjoy.  Everyone from pre-readers to grandparents will enjoy the adventures my family and I had in Alaska.