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Friday, September 16, 2011

Today Is The Day

At long last - longer than I first expected - but finally my book is for sale!!!! We did the last few final adjustments this week - so here it is.

And here is where to purchase it for an unsigned copy


I've had requests for autographed copies - if you'd like one, then the ordering process is different. Email me or reply to this blog post and I will make arrangements. It will take a little longer to receive the book, since it will have to be shipped here first. Payment will be sent to me for the autographed copies - through paypal or check. If you prefer to use your credit card you can also do that through paypal.

The price for autographed copies will be the same as for unsigned - and if you order more than one autographed copy, shipping will be only 1.00 per extra book, unless you request expedited shipping.

For unsigned copies, use the link above.

We are not on kindle as of this date - perhaps within the next couple months.

Thank you all again for the encouragement about my book.
I appreciate all the requests for sales info and comments about my book. It has been a wonderful adventure.

Yesterday I received the first official copy - and I kept it next to me on my bed table all night.

Happy reading.