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Are We Walking To Alaska? 
This book is a true story of a young girl (Jo Ann) away and mysterious land of Alaska in 1952.  Told in the words of that little girl, you will feel yourself drawn along with her as she explores her new homeland.

Southeast Alaska was far away and unknown to a six year old girl from sunny California. When her parents decided to move to Alaska in the summer of 1952 they left many comforts behind, as well as their extended family and a cherished doll.

There were adventures ahead, as well as accidents and dangers, and many new and wonderful things to learn and explore. Living without the luxuries of California, the family relied on hard work to make it in Alaska.They hauled water and ice for washing, cooking and drinking. 

They shared the hard work of a commercial fishing boat, encountered accidents and sickness and enjoyed the animals and natural surroundings, including a squirrel who visited through a trap door and kittens that could swim.