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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Good Book and a Pretty Cupcake

My youngest daughter is helping me learn cake decorating.  She's been decorating cakes and cupcakes since she was 12 and is very good  at it after all these years (well, she was good at it the first time she ever tried it).  We were practicing for our family Easter dinner.

 A cup of tea and a cookie go well with cupcake decorating in the spring.  Maybe we should pipe some flowers on that cookie too.
 Two colors of frosting in one piping bag and we came up with pretty  pansies.  I'm getting better at piping leaves.

 Or we could frost cupcakes baked in silicone teacups.

After decorating cupcakes we can drink tea and read a favorite book.
Thanks for stopping by - hope you are enjoying spring with cupcakes and tea.