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About the author of Are We Walking To Alaska?

Jo Ann was born in Sacramento California in 1946. She lived in rural California for the first six years of her life - and then her family moved to Southeast Alaska. She spent the rest of her childhood there, in fishing villages and later in the town of Sitka.

She had two brothers, one older, one younger, who shared the adventures in Alaska. Her father was a commercial fisherman in the early years in Alaska, and then was a Gas and Diesel Shop and Carpentry Shop teacher for the Mt.Edgecumbe BIA High School. Her mother worked as office staff for Coast and Geodetic and both Sitka and Mt. Edgecumbe High Schools.

JoAnn graduated from Sitka High in 1964 and later that year she and Don Bayne were married in Arlington, TX. As their family grew, they moved to Alaska, Texas, Wisconsin, Central California, Northern California, Kansas, back to California and finally to Bellingham, WA - where they are planning to retire.

Jo Ann's spare time is taken up with her three grandsons, two who live nearby (and a third in WV), quilting, gardening, writing, painting and blogging.