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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Young Fan

I had the privilege of meeting a young fan this past week.  She is visiting her grandparents in Washington for a month.  Last year when she visited she had read her grandmother's copy of my book "Are We Walking To Alaska?" and her grandmother reported that she loved the book and wanted to meet me.  So this year we had a chance to meet and talk.

I always carry some copies of my book with me - and I autographed one for Madisun so she could have her very own copy.

She is a delightful young lady, 11 years old, and we had a nice chat.  She told me that she's been reading for a long time, and she even read all the Harry Potter books in third grade - now that's a dedicated reader.

It is always wonderful to meet a fan - especially a young one, who really enjoys reading.  Thank you Madisun, for reading my book.

I'd love to have photos of other readers - so get someone to take a picture of you with my book - we can start a fan page - that would be lots of fun.

Happy Reading!!


  1. What an exciting moment for the both of you. Reading is so important and yet, I don't think they encourage it enough in schools today.

  2. You were both blessed by this encounter.

  3. Beautiful story!


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